Woman’s Limbs Turn Black After Vacation, Now She’s A Quadruple Amputee

After an ordinary vacation, a woman noticed her hands and feet were aching quite a bit, but she was a bit more than shocked when they actually began turning black. Since that time, doctors were forced to amputate all four of her limbs, and the reason for her condition is frighteningly simple.

A mere four days after returning from Grand Lake in Oklahoma, Jo Rogers thought she was coming down with a severe case of the flu. As her symptoms increasingly got worse, her family rushed the sick woman to the doctor the next day, and it’s a good thing they did.

“She was shaking her hands because they hurt, her feet hurt,” said Rogers’ cousin, Lisa Morgan. “They tested her for West Nile virus and meningitis.” Unfortunately, they found no answers, and on day six, doctors noted that Rogers’ organs were shutting down.

“By Saturday morning her hands and feet were turning dark blue and black,” Morgan said. That’s when doctors got an idea and decided to check for the culprit. “She was bitten by a tick,” Morgan explained.

Woman’s Limbs Turn Black After Vacation, Now She’s A Quadruple Amputee
Stock image of a tick (Photo Credit: John Tann/Wikimedia Commons)

One bite was all it took for Rocky Mountain spotted fever to flood into the woman’s bloodstream and wreak havoc on her body. “(They had to amputate) below the knee of her left leg and below both elbows of her arms to save her life, to keep the infection from getting to her vital organs,” Morgan explained.

KCTV5 reports that Rogers is now a quadruple amputee. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her family later added that “it was found that she has a blood clot in her lung, more infection in her blood and they are fighting the possibility of pneumonia.”

Lucky for Rogers, her family is sticking by her side, making sure she has everything she needs to get through this difficult time. They’ve even begun raising money via Go Fund Me to help purchase the new accommodations she’s going to need as well.

Although the adjustment is going to be tough for Rogers, as Morgan concluded, “You’re still with us, you’re going to get to watch your boys grow up, and you’ve got a lot of people pulling for you — she really does.” In all, generous good Samaritans have already pitched in a whopping $63,690 for the woman’s medical bills and future needs.

Woman’s Limbs Turn Black After Vacation, Now She’s A Quadruple Amputee
Jo Rogers (Photo Credit: Go Fund Me)

Although it was an extremely rough recovery process, Rogers has since made her way back home. Even though the woman is fully dependent on a wheelchair to get around, her family and friends are just glad that she made it out alive.

It just goes to show that you should never take a day for granted as there are dangers lurking around every turn, and we never know which day could be our last. Fortunately, humans can be extremely resilient as Ms. Rogers has proven.

Although no one could possibly imagine what this woman is going through right now, it’s nice to see that she has a very good support system in place for her as she adjusts to life outside of the hospital. Furthermore, I’m sure her boys are more than happy to still have their mother, even if she can’t do all the things she once could.

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