Woman Caught In Vulnerable Moment, Black Guy Rolled Up & Did Something About It

On Sunday night, a young black man was traveling alone when he saw a car in a dark parking lot in St. Louis, Missouri. He noticed a woman was inside the vehicle, but she wasn’t alone. As he got closer, he realized what was going on, and he made a quick decision about what he should do at that moment.

Aubree Taylor’s night started off pretty average, but it ended much differently than he expected when his path crossed with Hallie Beattie’s. The 19-year-old male college freshman was minding his own business behind the wheel of his car when he saw a white Honda Accord strangely stopped. Nobody else was around, so he decided to investigate the situation a little closer, much to Hallie’s total surprise.

According to KTVI, Hallie and a couple of her friends had left St. Louis and headed for Sparta, when Hallie’s Honda clunked out. The woman managed to safely get to an empty parking lot, but she was stranded there until help could arrive, which wasn’t anytime soon. But Aubree was in the right place at the right time and didn’t think twice about stopping to help the women, even though he didn’t know anything about them, but he was taught one thing.

Aubree went beyond just getting inside the hood of the woman’s car to see what had malfunctioned. He diagnosed the issue as a dead battery, then he invited the women to get in his car so he could take them to a place to buy the new part. Even after all that, he wasn’t done with what he set out to do.

The teen, who according to his Facebook page works at his church, didn’t want the women to have any more car issues down the road. After he installed the new battery for Hallie, he insisted that he check her oil as well, doing a full examination of the vehicle out of the goodness of his heart, so he felt okay about sending them on their way.

As he was making the roadside repairs, the impressed women snapped a picture of their new friend, and Hallie shared it on her own Facebook page with a “thank you” and something else. As a mother and a spectator of all that’s wrong with youth in society, Hallie was particularly touched by the kindness Aubree showered generously down on them when he could have passed them by, not bothering with it as so many others did.

“Just thought it was good to point out the positive things that our young men are doing instead of the bad,” Hallie told the news station on Wednesday when she had a reunion with Aubree and introduced her husband and teen son to the good Samaritan.

Her post went viral and the teen became recognized around the world for what he did, much to his and Hallie’s surprise. “People from Canada and Austria messaged me and said, ‘That’s a good thing. I know what your country is going through,’ and I was excited,” Aubree said.

The caring guy doesn’t think he deserves recognition for his actions, downplaying his good deed as just something his parents taught him to do his whole life. Hallie said that she was just grateful it was Aubree who stopped and that she’s exceptionally proud of the young man raised right by his parents.

With all the deplorable behavior among youth today that takes up time on the news, it’s refreshing to see that not all are that way. The good ones out there doing incredible things for others, who were taught well and disciplined by their parents, deserve the attention. They are our hope for the future, and it begins at home.

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