White Girl Raped By Syrian Refugee Decides To ‘Solve’ Problem Herself When Cops Free Him

After a young woman was violently raped by a refugee, she was further devastated when officials told her that they’d have to let her attacker walk free for “lack of evidence.” However, when the sadistic rapist began harassing her once again, the disgraced victim decided to take gruesome matters into her own hands.

After decades of the implementation of liberal policies, including open borders, Sweden has been hailed as the epitome of tolerance and diversity. Of course, with mass migration comes all the multicultural contributions that these mainly Muslim countries have to offer.

Now, 1 in 4 Swedish women is raped, 14 percent of young Swedish women and girls are the victims of sex crimes, and half of all Swedish women admit they feel unsafe living in their own country. Of course, what leftists refuse to acknowledge is that as much as 77 percent of sexual assaults are committed by the tiny Muslim minority as the once thriving European country is now considered the rape capital of the West.

In March 2017, 30-year-old Angelica Wiktor, who is a lesbian, answered the door after taking a sleep aid with alcohol before bed. Her neighbor, a Syrian refugee, identified only as Adnan, and his companion, referred to as Samir, forced their way into her Vittaryd apartment. Adnan brutally raped Angelica as she struggled in vain to fight back while Samir cased the apartment. Once the pair fled, Angelica managed to contact the police and have the depraved duo arrested for the heinous crime.

Disturbingly, Angelica was later told by the prosecutor that officers would have no choice but to release her attackers because of a “lack of evidence,” despite a confession from Samir, “assault related bruises” on her body, and a DNA sample taken after the assault, according to The Old Continent.

Shortly after her attackers were released, Angelica began receiving relentless messages from the asylum seekers. With their newfound freedom, Adnan and Samir humiliated and terrorized her daily. When Angelica was once again told by the police that there was nothing they could do, she decided there was only one way to end her torment.

In June 2017, just 3 months after surviving the horrific rape, Angelica took her own life after ingesting 100 prescription pills, believing it was the only way she could escape her tormentors’ incessant abuse. Before ending her living nightmare, Angelica’s heartbreaking final words were memorialized on Facebook as she called out the authorities who had failed to deliver justice.

“The man who raped me has had a chance here in Sweden. He lives near me and a friend of his was with him that night,” she wrote. “I got dragged into the bedroom where he held me down and raped me while his buddy stood in the hallway. Despite the report, interrogation, forensic investigation where they found bruises/injuries due to the rape, gynecological exams that prove the same thing, techniques that found evidence in my home, etc. I got a phone call from the police on my 30th birthday that he walks free in lack of evidence…he and the other man torments me since that day,” she continued. “He’s looking for me both via the net under different names and torments me personally. What are the police doing? Nothing.”

Upon hearing news of Angelica’s muddled investigation and untimely suicide, Swedish investigative journalist Joakim Lamotte took the case under his wing in an effort to not only expose the injustice but the failure and corruption inherent in Sweden’s political system. Lamotte explained that he was contacted by Angelica’s mother, Lisa Wiktor, which has prompted him to dedicate months to reviewing and closely investigating the case. Unbelievably, Lamotte discovered that Angelica’s accusations were absolutely correct.

“First of all, we know that both Angelica and Samir bear witness that Adnan is in Angelica’s apartment the night of the rape. That Adnan denies this is likely to be a lie. In addition, Adnan has recently been convicted of assaulting a man in Ljungby, which indicates that he is not withdrawing from violence.

“Secondly, we know that Samir sends a text message to Angelica where he writes that Adnan has told me that he threw the condom he used during the rape in the trash.

“Thirdly, we know that the opinion of the National Board of Forensic Medicine reveals bruises on Angelica’s body and that the injury is ‘consistent with the injuries inflicted on her by another person, at least partly by grip…’

“Fourthly, there is supporting evidence in the form of witnesseses who spoke to Angelica after the event. They also testify that Angelica at a previous occasion told us that Adnan felt on her, shortly after he moved into the area. And a neighbor testifies that she heard bumps and bumps from Angelica’s bedroom, which she never heard before.”

Lamotte added that Angelica underwent at least one gynecological exam and that a DNA sample was located in her home, but that the records were suspiciously sealed to everyone including Angelica. Lamotte further explained that although police are required to hand over every document pertinent to the case, these results were never included.

Still, Swedish authorities maintain that there simply wasn’t enough evidence to continue with the trial.

“I thought it was impossible to prove that a crime had been committed, says Yvonne Rudinsson, Deputy Chief prosecutor of the case. “It’s not enough to prove that someone is lying to judge him for crimes.”

When asked by Lamotte if there was a gynecological exam performed on the victim, Rudinsson shockingly admitted, “I don’t know. I’ve made the decisions from the documents I’ve had access to. I can’t say any more.”

Along with Angelica’s family, Lamotte is convinced that the Swedish authorities are covering up crucial details surrounding the case or, at least, are guilty of gross negligence. Whatever the case, Angelica is unjustly in the grave while her abusers are free to continue their depraved crime sprees.

A vibrant young woman was not only failed by the authorities and justice system but the liberal policies that have promised future generations a more diverse and multicultural climate. However, cultures that perpetuate inhumane crimes and take advantage of our tolerance are not equal to our own. Tragically, it is the future generations that were promised a liberal utopia who suffer the effects of politics based on sheer emotion and virtue-signaling instead of logic and fact.

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