VIDEO: Muslim Men Line Up For Sick Act Between Prayers At Mosque, Leaving Viewers Appalled

A sickening new video shows what a group of men do between their daily prayers in their place of worship. The disturbing footage shows the men lining up to commit a vile act that’s leaving viewers appalled and should concern every American citizen.

Have you ever wondered what Muslims do between prayers at a mosque? Neither have I. However, now that I know, I am utterly disgusted.

Sharia law mandates that Muslim men and women must remain separate when they pray in the mosque, which is why you will only see men in the video below. Sharia law also states that Muslims must remove their shoes before praying, as the men do in the video, placing their footwear on the designated shoe racks.

Unfortunately, they don’t just go about their daily prayers after doing this, though. Instead, they line up to perform a vile act, which should concern every American.

Disturbing footage posted on Twitter by Onlinemagazin shows Muslim men removing their shoes before praying, only to walk all over two flags, both from countries which they despise. One is the American flag and the other is the Israeli flag. Some of the men even drag their dirty feet over the flags to insult America and her ally Israel even further. Some can be seen stomping on the flags, as well.

This is, of course, a far cry from what you might see Christians doing between their own prayers at, say, a Baptist or Lutheran church. If Christians were “caught on tape,” you’d probably see them greeting each other with a warm hug, exchanging pleasantries, or chatting with their pastor.

“Muslim societies under Sharia are sick,” reported Pamela Geller. “And unless we start talking straight about this poison, we will be subsumed.” Those on social media seemed to share her view that we should not be allowing these people into the United States, a country which they clearly despise.

“Unamerican people should not live in the USA. There should be a watch list on them. Every single one should be on it,” wrote one Facebook user. “Put these Muslims on a watch list and don’t every (sic) allow them into the US and Israel for any reasons at all!” echoed another.

What liberals do not seem to realize is that these are the people who they would welcome into our country under the guise of being so-called “refugees.” Those who would walk on the American flag would not just pose a problem for failing to assimilate into our culture, they would actively try to destroy it.

If you think for one second that they want what is best for this nation, you are living in La-La-Land. Many of them come here to destroy us, and we’re letting them do it, thanks to politically correct politicians who place the feelings of extremists before the safety and well-being of American citizens. It is time to close our doors to ungrateful people once and for all.

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