Thug UNLOADS On Cop During Stop, But He Forgot To Account For One Thing

A Florida motorcycle officer was nearly hit by a thug after the irresponsible man blew through a stop sign. The officer chased the reckless driver before pulling him over. Unfortunately, that’s when the officer ended up being viciously attacked on the side of the road. However, the thug forgot to account for one thing, and now he’s paying the price as a result.

The incident unfolded on Sunday morning when Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Walsh was on patrol. That’s when Corey Johnson blew through a stop sign and nearly smashed into the side of Walsh’s bike, reports WFTV. Walsh attempted to pull Johnson over, but Johnson sped off with Walsh giving chase. Johnson eventually stopped about a half of a mile down the road, and that’s where things went south.

Johnson immediately jumped out of his vehicle and attacked Walsh, punching him repeatedly in the head and face. The feral thug was then able to knock Walsh onto the ground, where he continued beating on the officer that had been caught off guard.

However, what Johnson failed to take into account is the fact that Americans are tired of hearing about thugs attacking police. Three good Samaritans happened to see Johnson’s assault on Walsh, and they made it their mission to ensure the feral thug couldn’t get away this time.

George Cooper, Antonio Velazquez, and Christopher Carver all intervened, and while Cooper helped the injured deputy, the other two chased Johnson down. The three men said that Johnson had been going for Walsh’s gun before they interrupted his plans. Fortunately, Cooper was able to get Johnson away from Walsh before things went too far, giving the other two men the chance to capture the fleeing suspect.

“I just knew I had to help him because he was in trouble already,” said Velazquez, who caught up to Johnson first, reported Fox 13. “I kicked him and he fell down and when I tried to grab him I fell down with him.”

Velazquez and Carver were able to keep Johnson detained until backup arrived and arrested Johnson, who has a lengthy rap sheet to begin with. He’s facing numerous charges for the assault that left Walsh with a broken thumb and bruising.

As for the three men who helped Walsh, they were happy to do so, and Cooper explained why.

“I wasn’t going to let him beat that officer. Because hey, he is a man just like I am. He has children, he has a wife, and a family. I want him to go home to his family like I go home to my family,” said Cooper. “It doesn’t matter what your color is, your race, or your creed. He is a police officer. He is supposed to help us. That is just their job.”

It’s become a terrifying environment for police to work in thanks to the heavy anti-cop rhetoric being espoused by a certain group, and the violence against officers only seems to be getting worse. While everyone would recognize there’s bad apples in every bunch, the majority of police are good, hard-working men and women, who volunteer their lives to face evil daily in order to keep our communities safe.

Kudos to these men for stepping in and helping to take another violent criminal off of the streets. Not only did they save Deputy Walsh’s life, but they may have saved the lives of other officers he may have had contact with in the future.

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