Should Peter Fonda Be Arrested For Threatening Barron – Many Americans Have Voted Yes

This whole manufactured hysteria by the leftover children at the border is really beginning to test my resolve on freedom of speech. Hollywood is full of reprobates, but Peter Fonda outdid the rest of them today. I have never seen such a vile, hateful, twisted sentiment against young Barron Trump than what was spewed by this jerk on Twitter. Oscar-nominated actor Peter Fonda called on a mob to “rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles.” Nice huh? He deserves a nice long visit from the Secret Service over this.

Barron Trump is just 12 years-old and he’s not an illegal immigrant. His parents have committed no crime at all. They are protecting America and serving the people of the United States. But because President Trump insists on security at the border, upholding the rule of law and that Congress solve the loophole that is separating children from their parents while they are being adjudicated for illegally entering the U.S., Hollywood celebs, the left and the media are suggesting all kinds of horror be visited on Trump’s youngest son as some sort of justice for fatherless immigrant kids. Never mind that of the 12,000 children who have crossed the border, 10,000 came over with no parents at all. It’s just disgusting beyond words.

Fonda wasn’t done by a long shot either. The next thing he called for was a mob of 90 million protesters to surround schools attended by the children of ICE agents in order to “scare the sh*t out of them and worry the f**k out of the agents” and to “make their children worry.” Who calls for something like that? It’s just plain evil. “Wanna stop this f**king monster,” Fonda wrote in another tweet, referring to President Trump, “90 million people in the streets on the same weekend! These Republican a******s are all in on it! The chief a****** is happy we are all very upset. We have to get even more angry with these Republicans.” He’s calling for violence in the streets over this – that’s called ‘incitement’.

Fonda stated that the protest would have to be massive and spontaneous, instead of looking like the protests the left is well-known for. They are usually organized by elitists like Peter Fonda. “This must be like a spontaneous event without seeming to be organized by me and we have to make this happen NOW,” the 78-year-old wrote. He’s pretty long in the tooth to be calling for a revolution. Notice how aging, hippy leftists want riots and chaos in the streets? I think they’ve been reading Saul Alinsky way too much and dreaming of their glory days from the 60’s. Let it go already.

Twitter has not taken any action against Fonda. Figures… they let celebs get away with just about everything and don’t ban them. But if you talk about God or the Second Amendment, you get banned. The aging Marxist actor has violated numerous Twitter policies with his call for mob violence against a child. Fonda is calling for a mob to kidnap the president’s child and put him in a cage with the specific purpose of having Trump’s 12-year-old child gang-r***d. Crickets from Twitter.

When Fonda got bored of imagining the horrific violation of little Barron, he focused his hatred on White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and Kirstjen Nielsen, secretary of Homeland Security. Showing what a misogynist he is, he used brutally sexist language against them. Fonda called for violence against both of these women. “Maybe we should take her children away and deport her to Arkansas, and giving her children to Stephen Goebbels Miller for safe keeping,” he said of Sanders. He’s intimating that Miller is a pedophile and a Nazi. Someone might want to inform him that Miller is Jewish. I feel a lawsuit coming on. “Kristjen Nielsen is a lying gash that should be put in a cage and poked at by passersby. The gash should be pilloried in Lafayette Square naked and whipped by passersby while being filmed for posterity,” Fonda tweeted.

Fonda had other celebrities cheering him on. His call to strip Nielsen naked and publicly whip her was cheered on by Nancy Sinatra. Just nauseating. Josh Fox who is a leftist director and has been nominated for an Oscar also urged Fonda on. “Yo. @iamfonda is on fire right now. God bless him. Check out his whole feed rn.”

Fonda evidently saved all his vitriol over the years for President Trump. He never let loose on Obama, even though it was Obama that put children in cages and kicked the whole separation of children from parents into high gear. Perhaps Fonda didn’t know as the media never covered it. I’m sure it was just an oversight… not.

It is beyond me why Fonda would go after Barron Trump other than out of sheer hatred for the Trump family. President Trump is weathering a monster storm of backlash over all this and it’s not his doing. The Easy Rider star has more than 46,000 followers on Twitter. Wonder how this will affect his fans? I’m not one of them and certainly wouldn’t be after this, but it does make you wonder. Maybe he feels it doesn’t matter at his age and the only way to get in the spotlight again is to rip Trump. If that’s the case, it’s beyond pathetic. This whole thing is sick and fits Hollywood celebs to a ‘T’. Fonda’s accusations sound like projection to me. Just sayin’.

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