Roseanne Crushes Barack And Michelle In A Truly Humiliating Way Over Their Nasty Netflix Deal

t’s not hard to notice how since former President Barack Hussein Obama is no longer on TV 24/7 he just can’t manage his narcissistic personality disorder. So he decided to fix that by signing a $50 million dollar deal with Netflix to start producing his own propaganda agenda driven content for the media giant.

But while this might be worrying some people and made other, like myself, cancel their Netflix subscription the queen of comedy Roseanne Barr has taken to Twitter to find ideas as to what kind of shows Obama may do for Netflix.

Conservative 101 reported that the first thing Roseanne Bar did was to tweet the hashtag #ObamasNetflixShows, and from there it just took off in hilarious ways.

People replied with parodies of existing movie and TV titles, but with a twist. Some of them were, I know what the FBI did last summer, The Lying King, Spy Games, Leading From Behind, Nope and Strange, Vicente Fox & Friends, Alinsky Diaries, Hawaii Five O for Obama, Maxine Water’s world, Me Myself and I Spy, Yes We Can the game show where we come up with more ways to steal from U.S. taxpayers, Move On: Our Move to Kenya, The Chicago Forgotten Show, Season 8, Breakfast of Iran, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Two Half Men!, and How to Say One Thing and Do Another. And these were only a few of the hilarious suggestions.

Roseanne eviscerated Obama back in 2016 for abstaining from the UN Security Council vote demanding a halt in Israeli construction in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem which referred to those lands as “Palestinian territories.”

Isn’t it about time Barack Obama and his self-professed “Eternal First Lady” Michelle take a long sabbatical from the public eye and stop trying to push their Alinsky agenda? Obama took the presidency of a nation where race wasn’t an issue anymore, hadn’t been for decades, and caused a spark in order to divide and conquer so he could forward their own agenda, and it’s high time he crawls back under the community organizing rock he came from.

Here is more on this Obama Netflix deal via The New York Post:

“Barack and Michelle Obama are raking in the cash, thanks to the influence of a former campaign supporter.

The couple last week signed a creative production deal with Netflix that one entertainment-industry source said could be valued at more than $50 million.

Ted Sarandos, a major campaign contributor for Obama and the streaming giant’s creative-content chief who oversees an $8 billion budget, helped to broker the deal, the source told The Post.

Sarandos and his wife, Nicole Avant, bundled nearly $600,000 in contributions to Obama from their friends and associates during the 2012 presidential campaign.

The couple is friends with the Obamas, and Avant served as the US ambassador to the Bahamas from 2009 to 2011, during the former president’s first term.

Her father, Clarence, a music exec, bundled a total of nearly $450,000 for Obama’s presidential campaigns.

The multiyear Netflix agreement, in the works since at least March, calls on the Obamas “to produce a diverse mix of content, including the potential for scripted series, unscripted series, docuseries, documentaries and features,” which will be broadcast in 190 countries, according to a statement from the streaming service, which has 125 million subscribers around the globe.

The Obamas plan to work on stories that “promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples and help them share their stories with the entire world.”

Netflix received hundreds of résumés and story ideas after announcing the partnership, the source said.

Netflix says the couple formed Higher Ground Productions LLC to broker the deal. A firm with that name was incorporated in Delaware in April, public records show.

The contract comes a year after the Obamas inked a joint book deal with Penguin Random House valued in excess of $65 million. The first of the deal’s planned books, Michelle Obama’s memoir, “Becoming,” is due out in November.

Since leaving office, Barack Obama has addressed groups across the country, speaking about grassroots organizing and the problems of the poor.

Ironically, the talks come at a steep price. After a speech at a health-care conference sponsored by Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald in September, Obama reportedly took home $400,000.

In addition to raking in millions, the former first couple has been involved in fund-raising for the Obama Foundation, which is developing a $500 million presidential center and library in Chicago.

The foundation took in more than $13 million in 2016, an exponential increase from just under $2 million the previous year, federal filings show.”

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