Pro-Gun Female Makes David Hogg Run Away Scared With ‘Nasty Surprise’

David Hogg is having a really bad day. Kaitlin Bennett, the Second Amendment activist who went viral while posing for her graduation picture with her AR-10, made him run away scared. Bennett publicly called out Hogg and invited the anti-gun nutjob to meet her personally. Well, that was all it took as little David got humiliated with Bennett’s nasty surprise. You’ll love this.

Kaitlin Bennett caused an uproar with her recent college graduation photos. The twenty-two-year-old graduated from Kent State University in Ohio with a degree in biology this past May, but it was the photos she posted on social media that made her go viral.

The day following her graduation, Bennett returned to the campus with an AR-10 rifle strapped to her back and posed for photographs while holding a graduation cap emblazoned with the words “come and take it”. It was an instant success with pro-gun and Second Amendment activists.

She tweeted, “I have no apologies for my graduation photos. As a woman, I refuse to be a victim & the second amendment ensures that I don’t have to be.”

Well, there is a group of useful idiots led by David Hogg who had a collective meltdown over Bennett’s graduation photos. In the past weeks, they have threatened her life and harassed her to no end, all with little David’s blessing.

Ms. Bennett heads a website called “Liberty Hangout” where she addressed the threats, writing, “The Left is evil. If you live with cultural values that are different than theirs, if you live with a respect for capitalism, if you live with a respect for God, if you live with a respect for culture, if you live with respect for anything, the Left will violently terrorize you.”

Today, the pro-gun activist is doubling down on a challenge to David Hogg that she posted on social media yesterday. “There have been many great battles for liberty over the course of American history. The US vs the British in 1776, again in 1812, and today, Kaitlin Bennett vs. David Hogg,” reports Liberty Hangout.

They add, “Liberty Hangout’s Grassroots Director and gun rights icon Kaitlin Bennett took to Twitter this morning to propose a challenge for the ages. Bennett believes the fate of the 2nd amendment should be decided in an arm wrestle between her and David Hogg.”

Kaitlin posted, “I have a challenge for you @davidhogg111. Let’s arm wrestle. If I win, we get to keep the 2nd amendment. If you win, we turn in our guns. Deal?”

You see Bennett was outraged by Hogg’s extortion plans where he sent the useful idiots to Publix Super Market to stage a “die-in,” telling the supermarket chain they must donate one million dollars to his anti-gun organization, or else.

After Bennett saw that tactic, she posted, “Sorry @davidhogg111, but playing dead in a supermarket with your communist friends hasn’t made me want to give up my guns yet. #2A.”

Bennett challenging Hogg to arm wrestle comes after his followers called her a “white supremacists.” Yep, the anti-gun crowd uses the race card any chance they get.

Bennett mocked Hogg on Twitter for having “tiny arms with Hitler-like bands” because Hogg had retweeted a fellow activist’s accusations of “white privilege,” adding Bennett’s username. She called the tweet “racist” and used her appearance on Fox News to explain why she is so offended.

“I was not expecting the blatant racism that’s been thrown at me,” Bennett told Fox’s Steve Doocy. “They’re saying that I have white privilege for going out on campus with my AR-10.”

“I think that’s very insulting to minorities,” Bennett said. “I actually had a black police officer with me the whole time,” she said. “He was just … he loved it.” So what has been Hogg-wash’s response to the arm wrestle challenge after he’s been accusing the pro-gun Bennett of white privilege?

All of a sudden, big-mouth Hogg, who spends 24/7 on Twitter and issues all kinds of ridiculous statements including calling Bennett a “racist,” has gone silent. Little David Hogg is running scared when a girl goes public with a challenge that could garner a whole lot of media coverage for him.

So Kaitlin gave it one more try, tweeting, “Still waiting on @davidhogg111 to accept my arm wrestle challenge. C’mon twig arms, you win you take our guns, I win we keep the 2nd amendment.”

Nope, Hoggmania knows when he is “out-gunned.” Ms. Bennett even offered to arm wrestle him “left-handed,” giving Hogg an advantage, but no dice, little David is pretending like the challenge never happened.

Hogg-wash is sure brave behind his computer as he led a harassment campaign on Kaitlin Bennett, but the minute she calls him out to meet publicly to arm wrestle and “debate too, if you want,” David and his clan of anti-gun nutjobs disappear, knowing they can’t win. Kaitlin Bennett called his bluff, and Hogg reacted like most bullies. He’s nowhere to be found when challenged to back-up his accusations and so-called tough guy routine.

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