Oh No! Trudeau Loses Important Part Of His Face During Presser – It Slipped Off And Reveals His Secret!

The annual G7 Summit has just come to an end and a lot happened within just a few days of world leaders getting together. However, perhaps the best thing to come from it was a presser with ultra-liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The world watched as he spewed his progressive rhetoric and disdain for President Donald Trump when karma struck in the most humiliating way. He seemingly lost an important part of his face as it appeared to just slip off and revealed his secret.

Trudeau is not a fan of Trump’s and didn’t appreciate that the president left the Summit early. He took the time to tell the press about his feelings at the end of G7 in Quebec after he was already on his way back to the U.S. But Trump got the last laugh as well as all of America watching the PM keep talking after allegedly losing part of his face.

Fox News reports:

The back-and-forth between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Trump may have taken the headlines at the G7 summit last week, but it was something else that set social media alight.

Twitter users pointed out that it appeared Trudeau’s left eyebrow was a bit off during his press conference alongside French President Emmanuel Macron. Social media quickly accused the prime minister of having fake eyebrows.

Justin Trudeau’s left eyebrow detached after meeting Trump — so what? These days, who doesn’t wear fake eyebrows?” one user tweeted with a video of the Trudeau press conference.

As the Canadian leader’s moment went viral, a Twitter handle named Trudeau’s Eyebrows appeared.

However, BuzzFeed shut down the social media fun showing that it was just bad lighting that appeared to show Trudeau losing an eyebrow.

The Gateway Pundit provided a close-up compare/contrast picture of Trudeau as we typically see him and his much different eyebrows during the presser.

It could be really unfortunate lighting that created this hilarious conspiracy, or it could be that the Prime Minister had some “help” with bulking up his brows. Either way, the video is embarrassing.

Trump responded to Trudeau’s criticism of him after the Summit, in typical unapologetic Trump fashion, which started a firestorm of anger and name-calling from Canadian media.

BBC reports:

Canadian media have reacted angrily to US President Donald Trump’s spat with the country’s leader Justin Trudeau following last week’s G7 summit.

Mr Trump posted a string of tweets attacking the Canadian prime minister’s personality just hours after leaving the divisive meeting in Quebec.

“[He] acted so meek and mild,” he said. “Very dishonest and weak.”

Mr Trudeau has vowed retaliatory action next month over US tariffs on steel and aluminium.

The tweets Mr Trump posted after the G7 contained direct attacks on the Canadian PM.

Some of Canada’s most widely read newspapers hit back with angry editorials.

“He sulked his way through the first part of the meeting, gave his delegation the OK to sign the summit’s pallid final communiqué, then threw a hissy fit and tore it up,” the Toronto Star said.

“It was both dishonest and amateurish.”

The newspaper said Mr Trump “chose to make up his own facts” about tariffs and trade.

A columnist for La Presse, another French-language daily, said Canada’s relationship with the US has never been so threatened in the country’s modern history.

“Unlike those who proceeded him in recent decades, Donald Trump is no friend to Canada,” writes Alexandre Sirois.

“He does not wish us well.”

Trump knows exactly what he’s doing with these tariffs as he’s the master of the art of the deal. When Americans elected President Trump, we knew exactly what they were getting. Not a politician.

We were in a place where one president after another did the same thing, talked big and did nothing. Not just Obama, look back and see that very little change ever happened. Americans were tired of it, and what we received was a shrewd businessman that doesn’t care about politics but deliberately and desperately cares about America, and it’s people.

As the G-7 summit approached Trump levied massive tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and the EU. All of them vowing to retaliate. The Media critics came out of the woodwork finding anyone to criticizes the president’s actions.

But instead of heeding the warnings of his critics, Trump continues to stand by his actions. He has said multiple times that America is being taken advantage of by nearly every nation in the world, but not anymore.

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