Muslim Puts Knife To Her Neck, But He Didn’t See Who Was Standing Nearby

The last thing that a beautiful, bright young woman thinks will happen while celebrating her sister’s graduation is that she will be beheaded by a terrorist, but that’s exactly what a 26-year-old girl realized the moment that a crazed man made her kneel execution-style at knife-point.

Chiara Frisco from Vasto was visiting her sister in Rome for graduation when she experienced the most terrifying incident of her life. “We were supposed to meet her in the evening. While waiting we decided to take a walk and go and see the Colosseum,” she explained.

Frisco was sitting on a low wall at the Colosseum with friends when a 33-year-old Muslim man from Brazil approached her and pulled out a knife. “I felt myself pulled suddenly into the middle of the crowd,” she said. “Then I felt the blade of the knife that he was holding against me. I feared the worst would happen. I could not see the weapon. The whole attack lasted seconds but I felt a tremendous fear.”

The Muslim man held the knife to her throat, forced her to kneel down, and began shouting “Allah is greater” and “It is Allah who sends me.” It was as though the Muslim terrorist was attempting to summon up the courage to actually go through with the beheading.

“It seemed like a scene from ISIS,” Chiara Frisco said. “He made the girl get down on her knees like you see in the terrorists’ videos, while he held a knife to her throat. The only thing missing was the orange jumpsuit.”

For several minutes, the Muslim man held his knife to Frisco’s neck, threatening an ISIS-style beheading in front of dozens of horrified civilians. Frisco would most likely be dead, and perhaps maybe others would too, if not for local police who just happened to be in the area, the Daily Mail reports.

One policeman explained how fortunate it is that the girl escaped physically unharmed. The officer said, “He made the girl kneel and held the knife to her throat. It seemed like an ISIS film that you see online. I was afraid that he would cut her throat but we could not shoot their [sic] were too many people. Two of us approached from the side and one from behind. And when he lowered the knife we intervened.”

Officers reportedly kicked the Muslim man in the back, causing him to lose his balance and let go of Frisco. When he realized that he had lost his victim, he fled on foot but was quickly apprehended. He is currently held on suspicion of attempted murder and resisting arrest. There is no word if he will also be charged with terrorism.

Frisco was taken to a hospital where she was treated for shock. She told reporters that she no longer wanted to stay in Rome. “None of us expected any sort of aggression in the center of Rome,” she said. “I don’t think I’ll stay here to see my sister – when I get out of here I just want to go home.”

Muslim Puts Knife To Her Neck, But He Didn't See Who Was Standing Closeby
ISIS supporters have made their presence known throughout Rome. It’s no wonder one of them attempted to practice what he preached.

Although the Muslim man was unable to carry out his gruesome plot, terrorism won that day in Rome. Police were afraid to use their weapons to save a young girl, neither religion nor terror are considered motives, and many civilians are now afraid to even visit a beloved historical location. Terror has successfully intimidated locals and police alike, and it remains politically incorrect to even speak of it.

Perhaps the biggest tragedy is that not one civilian had access to a firearm for self-defense. Instead, they had to helplessly await authorities, who were luckily in the area to stop it. At the risk of a young woman’s life, dozens of bystanders who would’ve willingly removed the threat of danger if armed were forced to silently watch in horror as a knife-wielding terrorist took control of an entire tourist attraction.

We can only be grateful that fate played out in favor of Frisco, but we are left to wonder if the police officer hadn’t been nearby, would this have been another bloodbath?

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