Mom & Son Found By Bridge, Cops Shocked When They See Her Use For Body

Drivers passing by a rural bridge in Waco, Texas called cops when they saw an alarming scene underneath, without knowing just how unusual it was until cops got there. When authorities got a closer look at what was going on, they definitely were not expecting to find how a mom used her own body.

Jennifer Duncan and her friend Ashley Michelle Anderson had been driving through town with Duncan’s 8-month-old son, Daniel Vega. At the exact time that the three were driving over the overpass, a vehicle struck them, sending their car plunging 30-feet over the edge.

Upon their crash landing on Monday, passersby were horrified as they watched it happen, not realizing that there was also a baby inside the vehicle who had no way of surviving such a fall. Police were immediately called out to the scene with hopes of making a rescue, rather than recovering bodies, when they looked on the pavement beside beside the wreckage.

According to KWTX, Duncan’s parental instinct to protect her child kicked in the moment her car was struck. In what can only be described as a mother’s love for her son and a complete miracle, she managed to use her body as a human shield to protect her infant in the fall, after they were ejected from the car. Despite having fallen 30 feet off an overpass, the baby was left unscathed because of his mother’s bravery at the cost of her own body. Both Duncan and Anderson suffered serious injuries, but the baby didn’t have more than a scratch, as he was rescued from his mother as the three lay on the road.

Mom & Son Found By Bridge, Cops Shocked When They See New Use For Body
One of the female victims at the scene

“It is believed this is due to the mother shielding the baby during the fall and doing everything she could to protect her child on impact with the roadway,” Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.

All three were rushed to a nearby hospital, where the two women were found with extensive injuries, including broken bones and internal damage, but because of his mother, Daniel had just a single scratch and was in excellent condition. The logistics of this mother being able to pull off a protection like this mid-air is unbelievable in itself, but the fact that her selfless maneuver worked, despite smacking down on the road from an overpass, speaks to the power of love.

Little Daniel is lucky to have a mother as incredible as Duncan, who proved that she will always put him first, no matter what. All three survived thanks to the greater love and protective from God, who had other plans for them that didn’t end on the pavement that morning.

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