Maine Muslims Busted When Cops Find Their Sick Secret Hiding Inside Shop

After a witness noticed something amiss about an Islamic halal market in Portland, Maine, federal agents raided the business and were sick at what they found hidden behind the business. With the help of others in his Muslims community, the owner was keeping a massive secret in his shop that he didn’t expect anyone to find out.

For the most part, only Muslims in Maine would have reason to shop at Ahram Halal Market on Forest Avenue, which the owner, Ali Ratib Daham, was well aware of when he decided to take advantage of that and use his business for something else. However, it was only a matter of time before he was unable to keep his secret locked up behind the doors of the small store when investigator received a specific tip that led to a large-scale discovery.

According to WLBZ, although the halal market was one of the smallest grocery retailers in Portland, it had nearly three times the amount of food stamp purchases as the largest stores in the town. These numbers didn’t seem to add up and were a red flag to the Maine DHHS office, who tipped off the FBI, who raided the business following an investigation and unearthed more than they expected.

In the recently unsealed 52-page affidavit, a witness, only referred to as “CW” to protect his identity, told the shop owner that he was new in town, which Daham saw as an opportunity to cash in on his food stamps. CW said that the shop owner was quick to help him with how to get welfare, instructing him to pretend that he didn’t speak English, despite being fluent, and tell the local government office that he wants to attend school to learn. With this plan, he would get the double benefit of welfare without being expected to work. Daham is under investigation for massive welfare fraud for his extensive scam he orchestrated with fellow Muslims that amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulently obtained taxpayer funds.

Daham didn’t stop at SNAP (food stamps), he was proficient in how to scam tax returns for unemployed people like CW. After helping Muslims get set up on welfare, he had his “helpers” use their EBT cards in his store. “CW would come in and buy a small amount of groceries, $20 or $30 worth. The market would give him $200 back in cash, in exchange for taking $200 more off his benefit card,” the news station reported of how his plan came full circle.

With this constant cycle of food stamp purchases in exchange for cash, his transactions reported back to the government office at a much higher rate than stores far larger than his, which put him on the FBI’s radar. The case is still under investigation since the paper trail is long, but Daham and his attorney declare the owner is innocent and has done nothing wrong. No charges have been filed as of yet, but they are expected.

This isn’t the first welfare fraud case in America by Muslim immigrants who move here for the sole purpose of taking advantage of our system and hardworking citizens. A huge case in Buffalo like this one was recently busted, as well as several shops in Maryland doing the same thing. Muslims continue to demonstrate their self-serving nature, and liberals are quick to welcome more of it at the cost of all those who don’t want it here.

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