Hogg Dons P*ssy Hat To Disrespects Vets, Benghazi Hero Makes Him Cry Like A Baby

David Hogg is desperate for attention as his fame fades quickly. His latest moves have been a lame boycott of Publix Grocery Stores that has gone wrong and donning a “p*ssy hat” for Memorial Day, enraging veterans. Well, Benghazi hero Kris Paranto is one of those veterans who is so sick of Hogg’s disrespect and his constant whining about taking away our gun rights that he just made Hogg cry like a big baby.

If you look at David Hogg’s Twitter account, it’s evident that his fame is falling fast. No longer are his tweets receiving thousands of responses. He is lucky to get one hundred. In a desperate move, Hogg took a veteran’s meme of him wearing a “p*ssy hat” which says, “The snowflakes have found their king,” and he has made it his new profile picture, trying to disrespect our veterans who are overwhelmingly pro-gun.

Hogg, who is trying to troll our veterans, gun owners, and NRA members this Memorial Day, cut off the end remark “found their king,” and left “the snowflakes,” in a stupid attention seeking-move. His desperation caused him to rally what little supporters he has left, also known as the “useful idiots,” starting a boycott of a chain of grocery stores called Publix.

But it’s not turning out as Hogg hoped. “Hogg was so serious about his protest that he organized a ‘die-in’ protest at his local Publix. The negative coverage proved too much for Publix, which announced Friday it would cease all political donations while the company reviews its policies,” reports the Blaze.

Yeah, that worked at first as his useful idiot friends turned up at their local Publix in Florida, all laying down on the ground inside the supermarket. Publix caved to their demands only to find out later that Hogg shot himself in the foot.

As Caleb Hull from IJR noted on Twitter, Hogg’s boycott also forced Publix to pull out of donating to pro-gay marriage and pro-abortion organizations. Hull tweeted, “Because David Hogg convinced Publix to pull political funding from an NRA supporting candidate, they also backed out of funding for same-sex marriage and abortion advocacy… GOOD ONE.”

Hoggmania found out those leftists causes and those associated with them are tired of this amateur 18-year-old making stupid moves. Poor little David got responses like this tweet from “AJ” with an image which says, “Congrats, you played yourself.”

But that’s not all. Hogg-wash got on Benghazi hero Kris Paranto’s radar for his disrespecting Memorial Day and veterans, but Paranto’s final straw was after the anti-gun nutjob tweeted, “Remeber [sic] a time when there wasn’t a school shooting every week? I don’t because I wasn’t alive.”

That caused the Benghazi hero, who is also a badass former Army Ranger and CIA security contractor, to respond directly to Hogg, tweeting, “I remember, it was before your generation started shooting up the schools David, even though we still had guns. Thank you for confirming..again…that it’s not the gun, it’s person, and in particular you & your peers millennial culture.”

Paranto’s tweet went viral immediately. Hogg’s Twitter account was flooded with patriots putting the nail in the coffin of Hoggmania’s 15 minutes of fame. Michelle Harrelson replied, “Well said…when I was in school, people had gun racks displayed in the back of their trucks. No shootings.”

Yep, what Hogg doesn’t get is that it’s his leftist masters who brought on this sick culture which is the main instigator of these school shootings. It’s Hogg’s beliefs, straight from the Hollywood crowd and rabid communist leftists, which got a hold of our public schools and made abortion legal, eradicating all Christian culture in America and replacing it with the “culture of death.”

“BC” agrees with Paranto, tweeting, “Exactly! Thanks for putting the blame where it belongs on little #snowflakes from Hogg’s generation. Their little feelings get hurt and they grab daddy’s gun and start killing innocent people.”

The Benghazi hero’s tweet was the highlight of Hogg’s day, with so far over 5,500 people letting Hoggmania know they agree with the former Army Ranger. We all know David Hogg was only in this for the attention. He’s too ignorant to stop and really find out the truth about American culture.

We have had guns since this country was founded, yet school shootings are relatively new phenomena, an outcome of the leftist culture where killings babies in the womb is legal. The left expelled prayer in schools throwing God out, even though this Republic was founded as a Christian nation.

The rabid leftists replaced God with the culture of death, and the sick outcome is troubled kids with no moral compass who want to shoot up schools. Maybe David Hogg needs a history lesson, but then again, that moron doesn’t care about this country or school shootings. He’s worried about his dwindling fame, CNN isn’t calling him anymore. Goodbye and good riddance to Hoggmania.

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