First Muslim Governor About To Take Over The State Just Made Terrifying Announcement To Non-Muslims

Radical Islamic Terror is real. Middle Eastern countries experience it every day. They constantly live in fear, and in terror. Many European countries are experiencing it as well after millions of Syrian refugees were brought in after war spread across Syria. News outlets reported that some ISIS fighters might have made it through with these immigrants, and anyone in their path might be in grave danger. This didn’t stop Barack Obama from welcoming many to the United States. Many of these immigrants were not screened, there was no background on them. Just let free in the United States to try, and start a better life for themselves. The majority of these refugees are harmless and are just trying to escape being chopped to pieces by militants, but some are here to recruit, and train sympathizers of their “Cause”.

Michigan chose Donald J. Trump over Hillary Clinton 47.06% to 47.03% in the 2016 Presidental Race, Making Michigan a battleground state for the 2018 elections. Michigan is heading to the polls this November to elect a new governor. Michigan currently has a Republican governor, Rick Synder. In November 2015, Snyder declared his opposition to permitting Syrian refugee relocation to the state of Michigan. That caused a backlash from the left wing in Michigan, but it really caused a flare in Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn is a Muslim dominated city. The disapproval of the governor’s actions was high. Abdul El-Sayed felt he needed to rise up, and go to war with Michigan Republicans.

Some background on Abdul El-Sayed:

El-Sayed was born in Detriot, Michigan to parents who immigrated from Egypt. El-Sayed was dominating in high school sports as he was the team captain of each sport he played. El-Sayed ended up going to the University of Michigan. He then attended Oriel College, Oxford as a Rhodes scholar. After practicing medicine, and helping the community, Detriot Mayor Mike Duggan appointed El-Sayed to the health Director Of Detriot position.

Now, El-Sayed is running for governor.

Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed on Thursday called for Republican rivals to condemn “Islamophobia” and “racism” after comments by GOP hopeful Patrick Colbeck during a rare forum featuring all seven candidates from the two major parties.

“You may not hate Muslims, but Muslims hate you,” El-Sayed said after imploring the GOP field.

The tense exchange came after Colbeck, a state senator and Canton Township Republican, reiterated his disputed and unsubstantiated claims that El-Sayed has “affiliations” with the Muslim Brotherhood. The only proof he offered was that Shelby Township Democrat was part of the Muslim Students Association while attending the University of Michigan.

The national student group was named 27 years ago in an “explanatory memo” by a Muslim Brotherhood operative and some chapters have “hosted al-Qaida leaders” for campus speeches, Colbeck claimed.

El-Sayed is a practicing Muslim who has previously denied any affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood but on Thursday refused to dignify Colbeck’s comments, even after calling on Republican candidates Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, Attorney General Bill Schuette and Dr. Jim Hines to disavow them.

When Lyndon B. Johnson first ran for Congress, he “insinuated his opponent was having relationships with animals just to hear him deny it,” El-Sayed said after the forum. “I’m not interested in denying something that’s just not true.”

Instead of responding directly to Colbeck and his claims about Sharia religious law creeping into the United States, El-Sayed noted that he or any candidate elected governor will have to take an oath to swear and uphold the state and federal constitutions.

It “guarantees me the right to pray as I choose to pray” and says that “no religious test shall be held over someone aiming to serve under this constitution,” El-Sayed said. “That is an incredible document.”

Colbeck denied that his repeated warnings of “civilization jihad” are rooted in racism or white supremacism.

“I love Muslims. It’s not an issue. The issue is terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said.

None of the other Republican candidates for governor addressed Colbeck’s comments during the forum. But Calley said after the event that he does “not agree with what Sen. Colbeck said.”

Colbeck made similar comments in a video that surfaced last month and was posted online by The United West of Florida, which has been called an anti-Muslim hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Michigan GOP distanced itself from Colbeck’s previous comments, with a spokeswoman saying the party is not interested in “peddling any conspiracy theories.” –Detriot News

Can you imagine if a Christian had said “You may not hate Christians, but Christians hate you” what the media would do? It would be non-stop news until the election was over, and El-Sayed had won. They would have gone to extra links to bring down any chance of Republicans keeping ahold of the governorship. This is the America that we live in now thanks to Barack Obama. President Trump wasn’t elected by “luck,” God sent him here to protect us from the onslaught of Muslim hatred towards the West.

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