Fed-up Americans Tell Netflix How They Really Feel, Hits Them With Bad News

Streaming service giant Netflix is in a bit of trouble after making a few unsettling announcements. A huge number of Americans are fed-up with the Obama-loving company, and they just delivered bad news to their doorstep.

In recent years, Netflix has become the go-to service for at home viewing. People are ditching cable TV and regular network channels for instant gratification offered by Netflix. Instead of putting up with a lineup of bad TV shows and endless commercials, Americans are willing to pay monthly for ad-free, bingeable programming.

It has propelled Netflix to a level of success undreamed of for a young company. And it has inspired just about every other entertainment company to emulate them. TV networks, movie studios, and production companies have tried to launch their own streaming services. They hope to cash in on this craze.

But things might not be looking good for Netflix. Recently, they’ve gotten a black eye due to bad programs. Yes, they have shows like Stranger Things, that has captured the imagination of millions. But they’ve served up some truly divisive stinkers like Bill Nye’s anti-science political show or the shockingly racist Dear White People.

It appears that the executives that run the service are as mind-numbingly liberal as the rest of Hollywood. There are zero pro-conservative shows on the service. Meanwhile, they pollute their lineup with left-wing rhetoric. Last month, it was announced that the company struck a deal with Barack and Michelle Obama to produce a vast array of shows. That comes shortly after news they hired numerous Obama flunkies to their board.

We are left wondering why a supposedly neutral streaming service would cram their company with so many Obama loyalists. Are they poised to produce a massive new lineup of liberal propaganda shows? That’s just what many Americans fear. It comes as no surprise that a new poll reveals that a very large group has had it with the service.

Republican’s approval of the internet streaming giant Netflix has dropped amid the company’s recent embrace of Susan Rice and Barack Obama, according to polling data obtained by Variety.

A survey by the research firm YouGov found that Netflix’s positive impression rating with Republicans fell by 16 percent since the beginning of 2018. Meanwhile, the company’s positive impression rating with Democrats has risen by 15 percent in the same period…

The fall in approval comes amid the company’s announcing a “multi-year agreement” with Barack and Michelle Obama to help produce films and series for the platform — a mega-deal that was reportedly brokered by former Obama official and campaign fundraiser Ted Sarandos, who’s now Netflix’s chief content officer. [Source: Breitbart]

Republicans should be worried. The company that provides content to millions of Americans just made an Obama shill their content officer. A hardcore liberal will be deciding what kind of shows will be viewable on the largest platform online. Hmm, yes I’m sure plenty of conservative-based shows will be appearing there in no time.

This explains why every time you open up the app, you are greeted with David Letterman’s bearded, crazy man face. Or why Michelle Wolf, the unfunny comedian with a voice of a hoarse toddler, got a special. That’s after she humiliated herself at the White House Correspondents Dinner. That’s also why quality shows like Last Man Standing and many others mysteriously dropped off the network’s offering in recent months.

In March, Netflix also appointed Obama’s former national security adviser Susan Rice to its board of directors. The California-based company also produced over a hundred episodes of late-night talk show content for left-wing comedian Chelsea Handler, whose show was canceled last October. Comedian Michelle Wolf’s Netflix talk show has taken on the Trump-bashing role that Handler’s show once owned. [Source: Breitbart]

Netflix knows it’s the biggest dog in the park. Few streaming services can match its popularity and user base. So, they are polluting their offerings with the kind of garbage socialists like Obama want you to see. Like the rest of the media and Hollywood, they are trying to bombard Americans with liberal propaganda. Don’t be surprised to see more anti-Second Amendment content appear on the service. As well as pro-abortion, pro-big government, and anti-Trump content.

But there is a very easy solution, one that will teach Netflix a lesson. It involves closing your account and using another service.

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