DHS Sec Had Quite A Surprise For Nasty Libs Who Ambushed Her House Overnight After Restaurant Attack

Protesters came out of the woodwork to go after Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen early Friday morning. They surrounded her Alexandria townhouse demanding the Trump administration reunite illegal alien families at the U.S.-Mexico border along with calls for Nielsen’s resignation. Democrats in Congress have also called for Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to resign.

They chanted “free the kids” and“no justice, no sleep,” while surrounding her home while carrying signs bearing Nielsen’s likeness, captioned with the words – “CHILD SNATCHER.” They were also playing audio of crying children claiming it was the cries of migrant children being separated from their parents after crossing the southern border. U.S. Secret Service officers and other law enforcement were present during the protest which lasted about an hour. The secretary was at her home when the protests started, and she had to walk past the angry group to leave her home.

The protesters were from the leftist progressive group known as CREDO Action. CREDO Action bills themselves as an advocacy group that “organizes for progressive change.”

From the ABOUT section on credoaction –  “We mobilize our more than 5 million activists to speak out and pressure decision-makers from the local to the national levels. From opposing war to relentlessly defending reproductive freedom, protecting our environment and a healthy food system, fixing our broken democracy and fighting for an economy that works for everyone, CREDO empowers activists to work for the change we want to see, not what we are told we can achieve by Washington insiders.

Our members have helped win historic victories for peace with Iran, real net neutrality, blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, Arctic offshore drilling and coal leasing on federal lands, raising the minimum wage, and blocking Wall Street cronies from political appointments – and that’s just in the last couple of years. But all of the progress we’ve made is under threat from Trump and the Republican extremists in Congress, so our work is more important than ever.”

CREDO Action actively donates to groups such as Democracy Now!, Brennan Center for Justice, Doctors Without Borders, ACLU, EFF, Planned Parenthood, Color Of Change, and They have turned their factually void protest campaign against Nielsen for the crime of enforcing laws put into place under previous administrations. Attorney General Jeff Sessions instructed justice officials earlier this year to aggressively prosecute people who cross the Southern border illegally in a “zero-tolerance” policy. Nielsen herself is a fierce defender of the Trump administration’s policy toward immigration, stating the current issue has been created by a refusal to enforce current immigration laws. That sentiment is echoed by Customs and Border Patrol agents.

What many progressive leftists refuse to acknowledge in their misplaced cries for “compassion” is that some 8,000 of these children arrived at the border without a parent or accompanying adult of any kind. Recent raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have revealed illegal migrant children working in horrific conditions. Children are being trafficked for labor and s*x.

Children that are arriving at the border with an accompanying adult claiming to be a parent or other relative, yet many do not even know the most basic of info about one another. When asked questions, they give the same or similar scripted answers in response. The issue with this misplaced “compassion” is these progressive groups are quite literally outraged that children are being separated from potential abusers and traffickers.

A 15-year veteran medic working on the border describes the situation like this in part –

“There is another side to some of the immigrants that most people don’t witness. Most of the children that started coming across the border 3 or 4 years ago were alone or with smugglers that worked double duty with the cartels. The adults that were with them often lied and said they were the parents which was not true. Even the children that were with their parents or parent were often times in dangerous situations. These children were separated back then and are still separated to this day. It is heartbreaking to see such events unfold and nobody, from the Border Patrol, Texas Law Enforcement or Texas EMS professionals were happy to be tasked with such work. We did not abuse any children. Instead, we cared for them. We fed them and gave them water, clothes, medical care, and comfort.
All of these kids were sick or ill. It might be something as simple as dehydration but often times it was more than that. Much more……..

Such as the 10-year-old girl that I flew who had been r***d no less than 10 times on her journey. Her private parts torn by the continued trauma inflicted each night of her stay in the desert. Her screams and cries of mistrust still haunt me to this day when I think about it.

Then there was a little boy who was only 5 years old covered in scabies, flees, and abscesses with a broken jaw from being hit by a smuggler for crying.
There were many kids that were so malnourished and dehydrated that they could not hold any solid food down and were delirious from sun exposure. Most of these kids had never slept under a roof their entire lives. They certainly never slept in a bed as they often slept on the ground with animals in their home countries.

At the centers where these children were housed, they cried aloud. Why wouldn’t they? Most had been on a journey that no human should ever go through. Most have never been able to trust a single soul their entire lives, even their parents. They were afraid of the future.

But what these professionals did at the centers was phenomenal work. They fed these kids. They immunized these kids. They LOVE these kids. They have counselors on hand to help with these children. Some of these kids are put into the foster care system which, while not the greatest it could be, is almost certainly better than where they came from and the abuse they have suffered at the hand of cutthroats and drug cartels. ”

Meanwhile, in Washington Nielsen is being heckled at home and also while she attempts to eat. She was also recently heckled by a group of protesters while eating dinner at a Mexican restaurant Tuesday evening. The group calling itself the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (MDCDSA) camped out next to Nielsen’s table and chanted slogans and hurled loaded questions at Nielsen.

The group shouted, “You’re eating a Mexican dinner as you’re deporting tens of thousands of people separated from their parents,” and chanted “No borders, no walls, sanctuary for all,” among other slogans. They hurled accusations and shouted – “Have you listened to it? Have you heard the babies crying? Do you hear them crying?” in reference to the audio tape first leaked by ProPublica claiming it was a recording of immigrant children crying and begging for their parents.

MDCDSA said in a statement of their actions that members of the Trump administration “will never be allowed to eat and drink in public again.”

Margaret McLaughlin, a member of the MDCDSA Steering Committee, said in a statement – “We will not stand by and let Secretary Nielsen dine in peace, while she is directing her employees to tear little girls away from their mothers and crying boys away from their fathers at our border. Secretary Nielsen and everyone else who has carried out these brutal and cold-blooded orders to rip apart families should never be allowed to eat and drink in public again. While Secretary Nielsen’s dinner may have been ruined, it is nothing compared to the horrors she has inflicted on innocent families.”

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