Democrats Own Words On Immigration Come Back To Haunt Them

For the past month, Democrats have taken a hardline stance in defending illegal immigrant families. They believe that appealing to illegal immigrants, and not being concerned with legal citizens, will bring them victory. But a look back in time shows what hypocrites they are.

In the past week, many prominent Democrats have come out to attack President Donald Trump’s policy on enforcing border security, which means every adult who crosses the border illegally is prosecuted. Among them was former President Bill Clinton.

“These children should not be a negotiating tool,” the former president wrote on Twitter. “And reuniting them with their families would reaffirm America’s belief in & support for all parents who love their children.”

But here is what he said in his 1995 State of the Union address:

“All Americans, not only in the States most heavily affected but in every place in this country, are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. The public service they use impose burdens on our taxpayers.

“That’s why our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards, by deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever before, by cracking down on illegal hiring, by barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens.”

The 42nd president said that America is a nation of immigrants, “But we are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop it.”

The hypocrisy of his wife, Hillary Clinton, is also glaring. At the Women’s Forum of New York on Monday, she said that President Trump’s policy “is a moral and humanitarian crisis … Every one of us who’s ever been a parent or a grandparent, an aunt, a big sister, any one of us who’s ever held a child in our arms, every human being with a sense of compassion and decency, should be outraged,” Vox reported.

Touching, isn’t it? But it is not what she said at a town hall with Christiane Amanpour in 2014. Then, she said the children “should be sent back as soon as it can be determined who the responsible adults in their families are (and) reunited with their families. We have to send a clear message, just because your child gets across the border. That doesn’t mean that child gets to stay.”

That is the exact message that President Donald Trump is sending, but now Clinton doesn’t approve. And the Clinton’s are not alone in their hypocrisy. From Sen. Charles Schumer to former President Barack Obama, they have all come out against illegal immigration when they thought it was the smart move for them.

“The American people are fundamentally pro-legal immigration and anti-illegal immigration. We will only pass comprehensive reform when we recognize this fundamental concept,” Sen. Schumer said in a 2009 speech at Georgetown Law. “First, illegal immigration is wrong, and a primary goal of comprehensive immigration reform must be to dramatically curtail future illegal immigration.”

In 2013, Rep. Nancy Pelosi called on the House to support a bill to secure the border. “The bipartisan taskforce of seven has been hard at work on legislation that echoes the spirit of the Senate bill and upholds our basic principles: to secure our borders, protect our workers, unite families, and offer an earned pathway to citizenship,” she said.

And then there is President Obama himself. “Real reform means strong border security, and we can build on the progress my administration has already made — putting more boots on the Southern border than at any time in our history and reducing illegal crossings to their lowest levels in 40 years,” he said in the 2013 State of the Union address.

“Real reform means establishing a responsible pathway to earned citizenship — a path that includes passing a background check, paying taxes and a meaningful penalty, learning English, and going to the back of the line behind the folks trying to come here legally,” he said.

These quotes, from top Democrats, sound like they could have come from a speech made by President Donald Trump. But now that they believe allowing unfettered entry into the United State can benefit them at the polls, the Democrat rhetoric has changed.

This has never been about the children. This is about Democrats doing what they believe they can do to injure President Trump and his agenda and getting themselves more power. Hypocrite thy name is Democrat.

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