Democrat Exposes Obama Cover-up To the World – It Wasn’t Trump’s Fault

It’s about time the truth got out, and the best part is the one telling the truth is a Democrat this time.

Back in 2014 when Barack Hussein Obama was president the number of illegal alien children making their way across the southern border was skyrocketing by the fact that both Democrats and Republicans were busy trying to court the illegal vote by promoting amnesty.

But here is where things get interesting. The children who would cross the border illegally, whether accompanied by a parent or not, were kept in housing facilities until they had their day in court. Just like they are being kept today. But now that Donald Trump is our president the liberal media, past presidents and even their Stepford wife resembling spouses who kept quiet while Barack Obama ruined our economy and healthcare system have all of a sudden taken issue with the law that has been in the books and has been implemented, for decades.

Let’s face it, now that both the Russian collusion myth and the Stormy Daniels saga sizzled out, the left has to come up with a new strategy to continue to try and overthrow our duly elected president.

Democrat Representative from Texas, Henry Cuellar, recently went on CNN to call out the media and even his fellow Democrats in Congress for not doing more to address this issue four years ago when Obama was president.

Patriot Journal reported:

“Even CNN can’t hide the truth about the illegal immigrant crisis any longer.

In 2014, back when Barack Obama was president, numbers of migrant children making the illegal border crossing were surging. They were likely emboldened to come because the Democrats’ were broadcasting both an open borders policy and mercy for those breaking our immigration laws.

Children who crossed the border illegally, whether they were with a parent or not, were kept in housing facilities to wait until they got their day in court.

At the time, no one in the liberal media said a word. They were more preoccupied with reporting on Obama’s latest trip to Hawaii or Michelle Obama’s workout routine.

But now that Trump is in office, liberals in both the government and the media are pretending to care about this problem, if only as an excuse to bring down the President.

Now that both the Russia collusion story and the Stormy Daniels saga aren’t playing out, the Left has to come up with a new strategy.

But Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas recently went on CNN to call out the media and his fellow Democrats in Congress for not doing more to address this issue four years ago.

“During the CNN interview, Cuellar stated that the plight of illegal immigrant children was, “kept quiet under the Obama administration.”

He stated that in 2014, “There were large numbers of people coming in and the Obama administration tried to keep this quiet.” He went on to say that not all of those children were being separated from their parents because many of the migrant children were coming by themselves.

Cuellar then explained the reasoning behind separating children from the adults accompanying them. He said it’s to ensure that the children are really with their legal guardian and not drug or s*x traffickers.

Cuellar’s honesty turns the whole liberal narrative on its head and proves decisively that the real culprit behind the illegal immigrant crisis is Obama himself.

Even Feinstein admitted to Jake Tapper that she didn’t bother learning about the child migrant problem while Obama was president, but she still wants to criticize Trump for following the same policies the Obama administration carried out for 8 years.

It’s interesting how the media timed the release of this story to coincide with the president’s historic progress on denuclearizing North Korea. No doubt the liberal media wanted Trump’s North Korea summit to fail so that it would give them more ammo to use against him.

But now that Trump is poised to win a Nobel Peace Prize, the left is using these children as political props in their war against Trump. They should be ashamed of themselves, but that would imply that the Left has any shame to begin with.”

This garbage has to stop. We understand the left is still butthurt because Hillary Clinton lost the election she was supposed to win in a landslide, but there is no reason to continue trying to undermine President Trump at every turn. Just fight and try to win the next election instead. I am sure the idea of raising taxes is a winner for the Democrat Party. After all, who here doesn’t wish we didn’t have higher taxes to pay so the already bloated government can waste it and redistribute it to people who refuse to work for a living, even in this economy where we are seeing numbers we haven’t seen in the past 50 years.

Yeah Democrats, us on the right can’t wait till 2020!

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