Convict Spots His Arresting Officer At BBQ, Quickly Approaching Him For ‘Repayment’

For several years, a convict and the cop who arrested him have spotted each other around a Texas town but managed to keep their distance from one another. That all changed on Saturday when the convict spotted the officer at a barbecue, but this time he wasn’t about to just walk away.

ABC13 reported that eight years ago, Senior Patrolman Salvador “Sal” Chapa arrested Doc Amey on a gun charge, which led to a conviction and prison time for the then-thug. Chapa said that ever since Amey was released from prison, the two have seen each other around town but never spoke. However, that changed on Saturday.

Chapa was at a barbecue cook-off with friends and co-workers when Amey spotted him from a distance and approached. The scene that would follow has been touching a nerve with people across the web, and a photograph taken at the time has since gone viral.

You see, Amey didn’t confront Chapa to berate him, disrespect him, or otherwise do anything with ill intentions. While he was in prison, the former thug found God and began to study the Bible, ultimately dedicating himself to the Lord in return for turning his life around, and on Saturday, it was time for him to repay Chapa.

Amey grabbed the Texas City officer’s hands, then began to pray for his safety while in the line of duty. Together, the two men recited the officer’s prayer for safety as a stunned crowd looked on, causing one man to snap a picture.

Doc Amey (left) and Senior Patrolman Salvador “Sal” Chapa (right)

Kevin Woods took the picture then posted it on social media, where it’s since gone viral and has been reposted by the Texas City Police. Giving a brief background on the history between the two men, Woods wrote:

“I got to watch something so amazing I’m speechless. We are at a cook off and I see Sal Chapa get pulled away. I look over and they are in prayer. Sal arrested this guy about 8 years ago on a gun charge. The young man got a 5 year sentence. While he was in prison he said “God if you are real turn my life around”. He got out after serving a year and half. Has graduated bible college with perfect attendance and his strong in his church. This man wanted to pray for the officers safety. We should be seeing more of this in America. There shouldn’t be race involved and this is living proof that color doesn’t matter. This is a prime example. All lives matter ONE NATION UNDER GOD! prayers to your brother and I pray for you. Continue of your path brother thank you for saying a prayer for my brother.

Senior Patrolman Salvador “Sal” Chapa expressed nothing but gratefulness to Doc Amey for praying with him and to everyone who’s supported the two with their reactions.

“After seeing the picture getting posted and all, I was overwhelmed but at the same time I was happy it happened,” Chapa said. “I hope whoever views it looks at police in a different aspect. We’re here to help everybody.”

It’s good to see that Amey recognized how Chapa ended up helping him, then prayed that the officer stays safe while at work. This is the type of thing we need to be seeing more of, rather than the anti-cop vitriol and rhetoric being espoused by the #BlackLivesMatter “movement.” Others would be smart to take note of Amey’s actions since this is how you create peace and unity within our communities.

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