Chicago Muslim Kills Baby By Throwing It From Balcony, Judge Excuses It With 2 Sick Words

An Illinois mother was charged and tried for the murder of her newborn infant after throwing the child from an 8th story balcony. Unfortunately, the woman was released without any jail time ordered at the end of her trial – and it’s all because the judge excused her actions with just 2 horrifying words.

The incident took place in a high-rise apartment building where Mubashra Uddin lived with her Muslims parents. As the woman would later explain, her parents were followers of the Islamic faith and very strict parents.

Of course, this meant that when she got pregnant with her boyfriend’s child, she decided to hide it, knowing that her parents wouldn’t approve. For nine months, Uddin wore loose clothing in an effort to hide the truth until, one day, it came time to have the child.

Opting to disregard the safety and well-being of the infant, Uddin came to the decision that she would have the baby by herself in her room. As all healthy babies do, though, it immediately started crying, sending the new Muslim mother into a panic.

Sadly, this would only get worse when Uddin heard her own mother approaching the room to investigate the source of the noise. According to Mail Online, that’s when Uddin threw her newborn child off the balcony of their 8th story apartment in order to keep her mother from finding out.

As one would imagine, the baby suffered severe injuries, including fractures to her skull, spine, and ribs; a broken shoulder; and a lacerated liver and bowel. Although a passerby would find the infant crying on the ground below, first responders wouldn’t be able to save the baby’s life after the extensive damage done by Uddin.

Before long, police had tracked down the woman responsible and placed the Muslim mother under arrest for the murder of her child. Charged with first-degree murder, she was ordered by Judge James Brown to be held without bail, saying, “The act of dropping a newborn out of an eighth-story window to its eventual death is exceedingly evil, exceedingly cruel.”

However, things took a turn about 2 years later. For reasons unknown, Uddin’s case was transferred to Judge Peggy Chiampas, who didn’t quite see things in black and white. In fact, she had a horrifying 2-word excuse for the crimes that would eventually result in the Muslim woman getting out of jail.

According to Judge Chiampas, she was going to take the “family circumstances” into consideration before handing down any decisions, Chicago Tribune reports. Just like that, the court official offered Uddin a $275,000 bail, which her parents gladly paid after their child spent 603 days in jail. Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come.

As the trial concluded, Chiampas gave “time served” on account of the time Uddin had already spent in jail and only further ordered Uddin to just 4 years probation. Yes, you read that right – this disgusting mother got absolutely no further jail sentence for murder simply because she’s from a Muslim family.

As it turns out, it looks like Muslims are literally getting away with murder at this point as society continues to corrode. This was murder, and her family’s religion, or as the judge like to call it – “circumstances” – should have had absolutely no bearing on this case.

This woman chose to murder a defenseless child whose only chance at survival depended on his or her mother’s protection. Instead, this Muslim mother chose to hurl her own baby from a balcony to avoid wrath from her parents, which isn’t much different than honor killing her child. Then, to make matters worse, the court’s decision was to let her off free simply.

This case is a disgrace to justice. There seems to be no consistency when it comes to infanticide here in America as things are being taken into consideration that really should have no bearing on the case whatsoever. This woman is a murderer, and I doubt that any other young girl of another religion would have been given the same sentence. Sadly, what we have here is a judge that just sided with Sharia law and is probably too stupid to realize it, so she isn’t fit for the bench.

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