BREAKING: SWAT Swarmed Hogg’s House In Overnight Raid

Someone has Swatted Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student and g*n control activist David Hogg’s home in Florida according to his family. Hogg was not home at the time of the raid. This happened early this morning according to the police. A call came into the Broward Sheriff’s Office claiming a hostage situation was taking place at the home. Coral Springs Fire Rescue arrived at the scene to find there was no hostage situation and the call was a hoax.

Right now, David Hogg is in Washington, DC with his mom to accept the RFK Human Rights award. Swatting is not a laughing matter regardless of how you feel about the person. It put lives at risk both for those at the home and for police officers. Sky 10 was over the home as units were staged outside as a precaution. Making a false report is a criminal offense in Florida, according to state statutes. In this case, it was a particularly expensive one: The Broward County Sheriff’s Office responded with multiple police crews and a helicopter.

A call came into the Broward Sheriff’s Office claiming a hostage situation at the home in the 7800 block of Northwest 122nd Way. According to BSO, deputies received a call in the early morning hours, saying someone broke into Hogg’s home with an A***5 rifle and was holding the family hostage. This was probably meant as retaliation for all the grief Hogg has caused people who value their Second Amendment rights, but it is just unconscionable. It could have also been a leftist ploy for sympathy. Authorities are investigating to determine who made the call, the sheriff’s office said. The hoax call also led to the lockdowns of two nearby elementary schools, CBS Miami reports. Hogg’s mother, Rebecca Boldrick, told Newsweek that the FBI is tracing the call and investigating the situation.

Swatting is the act of placing a fake emergency call to first responders, often leading to an armed response as police think they’ll be encountering a violent situation. It can be used as a prank or as a form of harassment and has led to fatal consequences. The Notre Dame Law Review has called swatting “a domestic terrorism threat.”

Since the slaughter at Stoneman Douglas, Hogg has been an outspoken advocate for g*n safety, although his methods have been seen as somewhat controversial. Hogg recently held a “d*e in” at Coral Springs Publix last week, sparking some outrage at his methods to bring attention to g*n control. “That was like a huge kick to the stomach because you [Publix] say that you support us and then you go out and give [money to] a guy that’s literally an NRA sellout,” Hogg said. “I decided to do the ‘d*e-in’ at Publix because I was tired of the complacency again and again.”

This event comes just as March for Our Lives organizers are embarking on the next phase of their anti–g*n violence movement: a 60-day bus tour across the U.S. this summer to register young people to vote and to continue highlighting the NRA’s influence over politics. “This tour is about exposing people who take money from the NRA and registering people to vote — those are the two main things we’re trying to push with this,” Jaclyn Corin, a student who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school s******g in February, told BuzzFeed News on Sunday.

They’re calling it “March for Our Lives: Road to Change.” It begins with a peace march on June 15 in Chicago and will take students to more than 50 stops in more than 20 states, including Iowa, California, South Carolina, Connecticut and Texas. “We’re going to places where the NRA has bought and paid for politicians who refuse to take simple steps to save our lives — and we’ll be visiting a number of communities that have been affected by g*n violence to meet fellow survivors and use our voices to amplify theirs,” the March for Our Lives website says of the bus tour, which is slated to start on June 15 in Chicago.

No doubt this will not be the last incident like this to occur with Hogg, who I find repugnant. He is a propaganda tool of the left used for pushing g*n control and nothing more. He has made himself a political lightning rod and should not be surprised by this. There are unstable and vindictive individuals on both sides of the political aisle. It’s no justification, but Hogg has been baiting people and somebody finally went against him. Fortunately, no one got hurt, but it was an expensive prank and could have ended very badly. This kid just isn’t worth it.

During the Tea Party movement and even during the elections, multiple conservatives were swatted as well and there was little press on it. However, since Hogg is a leftist and the new face of g*n control, this will be in the news forever. I have no doubt authorities will figure out who did this and whoever it is, they don’t help themselves or their cause by pulling something like this. Swatting is never an acceptable form of retaliation period.

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