BREAKING: Congressional Candidate Just Executed Moments After Giving Speech

This is what globalist politicians and the American left want for our glorious nation.

Just as a Mexican congressional candidate, Fernando Puron, had left a debate hall where he addressed public security and rime in his northern state. He proceeds to walk over to a person holding a phone and poses for a picture. But then tragedy struck as in a matter of seconds, a man walks up from behind and shoots him d**d in the head, and then just calmly walks away.

This Friday night assassination brings the number to 112 assassinations of candidates and politicians since the launch of Mexico’s electoral campaign season in September of 2017. But Puron was the first candidate to be k****d on a federal level.

A security camera caught the assassination.

CNN reports:

“The Mexican congressional candidate had just left a debate hall where he addressed public security in his northern state. He walks over to a person holding a phone and poses for a picture. In a matter of seconds, a man walks up from behind and shoots him in the head, k*****g him before walking off.

The d***h Friday night of Coahuila state’s Fernando Puron brought to 112 the number of candidates or politicians k****d since the launch of Mexico’s electoral campaign in September, according to the consulting group Etellekt. Puron was the first candidate running on the federal level to be k****d.

Puron’s Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) confirmed his d***h, which was recorded on black and white surveillance camera footage that soon circulated on social media. While not clear enough to show the k****r’s face, the video brought into focus the dangers Mexican candidates face ahead of the July 1 election. Thousands of posts, including the presidency, are up for grabs.

“The Institutional Revolutionary Party condemns the attack suffered by our candidate Fernando Puron in the city of Piedras Negras,” a PRI statement said. “We demand some clarity from the authorities on what happened and an appropriate punishment for those responsible for his d***h.”

Police have made no arrests in the case.

In its latest report on political violence in Mexico, which includes all registered deaths from September 2017 to June 9, Etellekt includes geographical and party affiliation data on the politicians and candidates who were k****d.

At least 39 of the victims were from Puron’s PRI party. Eighteen were from the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and 13 were from the National Action Party (PAN) , according to Etellekt.

Puron, a former mayor of Piedras Negras, had been asked during the Friday debate how he would improve public security in the state of Coahuila if elected.
“We have to face crime head on. We cannot be afraid. We must call it by its name,” Puron said, according to the Mexican newspaper Vanguardia.

Fellow PRI member Sonia Villarreal, who is running for reelection as mayor of Piedras Negras, said Saturday she is suspending her campaign indefinitely.

“After the cowardly attack against my friend and colleague Fernando Puron, I have decided to suspend my campaign indefinitely to concentrate on my mayoral duties,” Villareal said in a statement. “We don’t (want) his name to be just one more added to the list of candidates who have been victims of these deplorable acts.”

Candidates have been k****d in 22 of Mexico’s 32 states during the campaign. The state with the highest d***h toll is Guerrero, where 23 have been k****d, according to Etellekt.

President Enrique Peña Nieto, who took office December 1, 2012, and cannot run for re-election, has been criticized by many Mexicans for his inability to tame drug-related crimes during his time in office.
More than 25,000 homicides were registered in Mexico last year, the highest number since the government started tracking the data two decades ago.

Politicians on the campaign trail have been promising to tackle cartel violence. Current presidential front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has proposed opening dialogue and even offering amnesty to some cartel leaders. He also said he would appeal to US leaders to do more to curb Americans’ drug use.

Mexican drug cartels take in between $19 and $29 billion annually from drug sales in the United States.”
Mexico is a great nation, one that has a rich heritage and great people. But sadly they have been taken over by a corruption and crime that unimaginable and no one can be sure how long they can survive as a nation like this.”

The cartels have taken over every part of Mexican society, to the point where now an honest man can’t even run for office. Puron was lucky, he died a quick and painless d***h. Many other can’t say the same as they have been slowly k****d in barbaric and torturous ways. The only solution here will probably end in a military takeover of the nation if the Mexican military hasn’t yet been corrupted.

What really bothers most Americans is how we see Mexican nationals waving their flag when they protest the fact that we Americans want to have a sovereign nation where there is rule of law. They wave the Mexican flag but not the U.S. flag, which is the nation where they ran too because of either dangerous situations in their own country or the fact they lived in extreme poverty.

Maybe it’s time to put down the Mexican Flag and pick up the American Flag, especially if you want a nation to take you in, don’t you agree?

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